We educate the general public about Hepatitis C and provide resources and support for those affected by the virus.

Our services include…

Community education, awareness, and advocacy

Help with patient needs

Free rapid testing with results in 20 minutes

Risk reduction services

  • Step up to Hep Colorado

      Let’s talk about hepatitis C in Colorado.  Read about recent news and topics related to hepatitis C through the Step up to Hep Blog.  Updated regularly, you’ll stay up ...

Hep C Connection is Hiring

We are seeking a Patient Services Coordinator Summary of position:  Plan, implement, and track activities related to Hep C Connection’s HelpLine, Patient Navigator program, and community outreach events.  Additionally, assist with fundraising and awareness activities. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Manage the HelpLine: Answer and return calls using national databases and the internet to research questions, […]

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Free Hepatitis C Testing at a Select Number of 9Health Fairs this Spring

Hep C Connection will be offering FREE hepatitis C antibody testing at twelve 9Health Fair locations in Colorado this spring.  Encourage your baby boomer friends to attend.  Each fair offers a large selection of low-cost or free medical screenings.  All 9Health Fairs with HCV testing are from 7:00 am to 12:00 noon unless noted otherwise. […]

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Patient Information

Support Groups, Help Line, Living with HCV and Inspiring stories from survivors.

Health Workers

Get educated on hepatits C. Testing centers and educational materials.

General Information

Are you at risk? Awareness events and Educational Materials.

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Get Tested for Hepatitis-C!

Hep C Connection offers FREE hepatitis C antibody screening to anyone who:

  • Was born between 1945 and 1965.
  • Has ever injected drugs - even once! Ever!
  • Received blood or blood products before 1992.
  • Has or had a hepatitis C positive sexual partner.

Call 1-800-522-HEPC to schedule your testing appointment at our office:

1325 S. Colorado Boulevard,
Suite B-302,
Denver, CO 80222

Viral Hepatitis. Are you at risk?

Take the CDC's Hepattitis Risk Assessment and get a personalized report!